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Scotty, We Need More Power?

We build monster virtual clusters to replace Azure, AWS and alike. Servers are new from DellEMC and built to the client’s spec. Clients can also rent hosted servers and run their own software. We also help clients migrate to a cloud environment.

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A Beast Environment
for Monster Servers

Our data centre is built for maximum stability and uptime. We achieve this by duplicating all hardware components and network connections to overcome any physical network hardware and cable failures.

Technologies like BGP, LACP and High Availability are utilised to further increase stability and uptime.

CloudProx peers with the 2 best ISPs in South Africa offering clients true 1:1 unshaped uncapped international & local connectivity.

Data Centre Features

Dual BGP Internet

We get it from the source. Seacom is our primary ISP, and Workonline our secondary ISP. Automatic failover between ISPs is managed by BGP. Failover switching takes under 60 seconds.

Dual Network

Both WAN and LAN networks are duplicated. Each network switch has a mirrored backup ready to be used in the event of a failure. All servers are connected with dual cables (LACP) to both LAN & WAN networks. 

Dual Power

Dual separate Eskom power feeds backed up by dual diesel generators and dual UPS systems. Teraco has been online for over a decade and will continue to do so.

Dual Cooling

Our DC features dual air conditioning systems to keep hardware and servers running at the coolest possible operating temperatures. 

We Build Virtual Clusters

“The only component in a data centre that cannot be duplicated is the server motherboard. That is why we have Hypervisors and High Availability, and that is why we use Proxmox.”

We are experienced virtual cluster builders and a big supporter and advocate of the Proxmox project. We provide hosting & virtual services to our clients hosted on DellEMC servers in our Teraco based data centre.

We follow strong design ethics with maximum uptime being the primary focus. Clients benefit from our training and knowledge transfer programs, which will enable clients to manage their own virtual clusters.

Proxmox is free of charge and customers are welcome to use their own software instead. We do advise all our clients to try Proxmox and suggest clients try official Proxmox support for at least 1 year.

Our Dell servers support virtually any operating system in the world.

Monster Server Specifications

We don’t cut corners when it comes to server hardware. We only use new DellEMC servers and the average server features the following specifications. We have designed servers 8x more powerful than the specifications listed below, so please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your monster requirements. 

Average CPU Benchmark

Average Server Memory (GB)

Avg. 1Gb/s Server Storage (TB)

Average CPU Cores
Per Server

Server Only Rental Options


This is perfect for clients who want to manage their own software on our hardware.

We offer server & hosting rental options to clients wanting to manage
their own software stack and do not require any help from us.

Support and Knowledge Transfer are optional services which can be ordered at anytime.

Optional Support & Training

Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) range from high level support, to full system support and administration, perfect for beginner or experienced clients.

We also offer Knowledge Transfer projects to empower our clients with virtualisation and hosting knowledge. This is ideal for clients new to hosting and virtual technology, or for those who want someone else to take care of the tech. 

Proxmox FTW!

Proxmox is the world’s most powerful open source hypervisor, and it is free. For additional peace of mind clients can order original Proxmox VE support subscriptions. Unfortunately all subscriptions are only payable in Euro and directly to Proxmox, but through CloudProx you can get a 10% discount on all official support costs.

Service Level Agreements

We provide a range of Service Level Agreements, usually designed around client requirements. Options range from basic hypervisor training & management to full support & administration of multiple clusters. Regardless if you are non-technical or super experienced there is a SLA to suit your needs and simplify your daily hypervisor management duties. 

Knowledge Transfer

CloudProx empowers it’s clients with knowledge and skills enabling clients to eventually manage their own virtual clusters. Extensive Proxmox information, learning material and training is also available from the official website located here.

Data Centre

Clients can request data centre site visits to access their servers when required. In order to do so clients have to email support@cloudprox.co.za in advance to schedule a DC site visit. One of our engineers will assist with the callout and show customers to their hardware.

Custom Requests Welcome

Whatever the need we are eager to assist. This includes bespoke projects, special hardware, hardware rental agreements, cross-connects, special routes, BGP peering and more. Just drop us a line at support@cloudprox.co.za.

What Our Clients Say

Cloud Migration & Clustering

“Our company was able to move our entire server infrastructure from Azure to a custom built CloudProx virtual cluster. We saved 70% in hosting fees and the performance of our cluster with CloudProx cannot be matched. We were able to move all of our services within a month and thanks to the help we received from the CloudProx team this process was a breeze.”

Andre de Kock : CTO – Taskflow


New Server Rental

“CloudProx helped us to overcome some of our growing pains by leasing us new DellEMC servers at a fixed monthly cost. Instead of approaching a bank for a loan and buying the servers ourselves, we could get a holistic solution from CloudProx and benefit from their discounted DellEMC hardware costs and a lower interest rate.

David Grobler : CTO – Session Telecoms

Hosted Server Rentals

“Level-7.co.za is a Gauteng based WISP with over 6000 users. We also offer voice and business services. Altogether Level-7 has some serious server requirements. CloudProx was the only hosting company that could fulfill our serious server requirements. I would recommend them to the world.”

Mario Passetti : CTO – Level-7 Internet

Telecoms Server Rentals

“We were hosting with Digital Ocean in Europe, but we had latency issues to South Africa. CloudProx was able to offer us a more powerful solution at a better price while also solving our latency problem. Our hosted servers have a 100% uptime thus far. We are very happy with our CloudProx solution and will continue to build on it.”

Stefano Sessa : CEO – SayHi

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